Places available: Diversity Training in English at HAW Hamburg

This English-language seminar course is part of the BA programme „Bildung und Erziehung in der Kindheit“ at HAW Hamburg and is additionally open to international students of Education, Social Work and Health Care from three different continents as well as to interested (ZGD-) students from Hamburg’s universities.  

During the seminar course, there will be some introductory input on diversity and mainly a lot of time for experiencing and afterwards discussing exercises from diversity trainings. The main course objectives are to become more diversity sensitive, to deal better with diversity and to know some diversity exercises for use in groups of adults, youths or children. There will be room to get to know each other, share experiences and thoughts, discuss questions and theories and to help each other with communication in English and with understanding the course contents.  

In class, you might hear input, watch films, perform group tasks and exercises, make little excursions and take part in discussions. There might be some small tasks for March 22nd and 23rd, such as some short reading or researching, watching short films, self-reflection or journaling.  

Requirements for credit point allocation: Active participation in class, doing small amounts of homework and writing a learning diary after the end of the course. 

There won’t be much reading, as the focus is on experience and discussion, but literature on different aspects of diversity, diversity training and diversity exercises will be provided for everyone who wants to deepen their knowledge on certain aspects simultaneously or later on. 

Dates: 20. & 21.03. sowie 24. & 25.03., 10:00-18:00 Uhr 

Location: HAW Hamburg, Alexanderstraße 1, Raum 5.01, 20099 Hamburg

Registration: Write an e-mail to lecturer Anna Franze, HAW Hamburg.