Care & Coffee: Community Capitalism and Voluntary Care Work as Care Work sui generis.

Since the Corona pandemic at the latest, the social relevance and indispensability of care work has become apparent. Care work can be characterized as the activity of maintaining all the necessities of life and securing the conditions of existence on which people and living beings are fundamentally and existentially dependent. It includes paid and unpaid activities in areas such as nursing, care, education and early childhood education, but also self-care.

The series is dedicated to the question of which processes of change and crisis can currently be observed from interdisciplinary perspectives. It is organized by the research network “Care Transformations“, funded by the BWFGB Landesforschungsförderung. On three dates we want to discuss with proven Expert:innen.

Each 2:00pm-3:00pm (happy to have coffee), digital via Zoom, register at:

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Thursday, 6/2/2022
Community capitalism and voluntary care work as care work sui generis.

Dr. Tine Haubner (Jena).