The Center for Gender & Diversity (ZGD) of Hamburg’s universities offers students of all subjects the opportunity to obtain certificates in gender studies and intersectionality and diversity. A wide range of courses are offered as part of these certificates on subjects ranging from the natural sciences and engineering to the humanities through social sciences to the life sciences and art studies. The interdisciplinary, cross-university certificates focus on an intersectional analysis of concepts relating to diversity, such as gender, sexuality, origin, and disability.
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Certificate in Gender Studies

Explore gender-related topics during courses on women’s studies and gender research at nine universities in Hamburg. The Certificate in Gender Studies is awarded on completion of these courses.

The processing time of an application for a certificate is about six weeks.

Certificate in Intersectionality & Diversity

Develop your expertise in the fields of intersectionality and diversity during courses at the nine universities in Hamburg. The Certificate in Intersectionality & Diversity is awarded on completion of these courses.

The processing time of an application for a certificate is about six weeks.

How to register for courses

Depending on your university and degree program, you might be able to access your university’s Campus Management System (CMS) and to register for the courses like you would for any other course. If you are unable to access the CMS, email the course tutor to register for the individual courses.

A different registration procedure applies for the courses offered by the Joint Commission: register for these events via ZGD’s events calendar. Click here to access the events calendar now. Select the course you would like to attend to reserve a place. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. The registration period begins on 1 March 2023 and ends on 23 March 2023.

Note: No entitlement exists to be admitted to courses that are already full.

As part of the certificates, students of the participating universities can apply for a short-term ID for the campus management system of the University of Hamburg (UHH) as cooperation students. The ID allows you to access the digital learning platforms of the UHH, e.g. Open Olat or CommSy, and thus simplifies participation in the (digital) courses offered by the UHH. It is only issued upon application and only for one semester at a time.

Note: Registration for courses at UHH for non-UHH students is still done by e-mail with the respective teacher. The ID does not entitle the student to participate in a course.

To apply for a short-term identifier, write an e-mail with the following information to: zgd@uni-hamburg.de.

  • First name and surname
  • Matriculation number
  • University
  • Course of study
  • Title of the course at UHH
  • Name of the teacher at UHH

The processing time is approximately 10 days.