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Vortrag: “Solidarity Against Straightness” mit Alexis Shotwell, Carleton University

Shotwell argues that we should be in solidarity against straightness: On the side of straight people, against  straightness as norm, institution, and system. Straightness as a social relation of oppression and benefit weaves its way into our lives, a coproduction of eugenics, medicalisation, and neoliberal social structures organized around the monogamous, dyadic, reproductive family unit. Can we challenge it without expecting every straight person to turn queer? Shotwell lays out some diagnostic criteria for straightness and considers what it would mean to betray straightness, personally, politically, and as a stabilizing social relation of oppression and benefit. The affect, practice, and fantasy of solidarity can offer something helpful to our work for collective liberation across and with difference.

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18:15 – 20 ECT on Zoom.