VR CUIR 2.0: Dr. Tania Mancheno „Beyond the plantation-mentality: Soundscapes of decolonial memories in Hamburg“

What is the sound of a monument? Can oral history be transformed into a decolonial memorial and if so, what language would it speak? Departing from the idea that heritage is nowhere neutral and always fragmental and Francoise Vergès’ conception of transcontinental history, in this workshop, we will discuss the possibilities of decolonizing sites of colonial heritage in the city.

Focusing on racialized uses of the public space, which commemorate and celebrate colonial geographies and colonial criminals, I will first present my concept of plantation-mentality. Secondly, I will show some examples of my activist research and ongoing artistic projects, which seek to build soundscapes of decolonial memories in the city. The participants will get to know the collective affective cartography What does Hamburg mean to you?(Was bedeutet Hamburg für Dich?) that consists in a series of interviews to critical non-hegemonic and diasporic voices of Hamburg. On a third step, we will discuss about intersectional violence, as well as on the im-/possibilities of queering postcolonial geographies and imperial uses of the public space.

Tania Mancheno is a lecturer at the department of geography at the university of Hamburg and at the department of social work at the university for applied sciences (HAW) in the same city. Mancheno’s research is focused on decolonial cartographies, inclusive cultures of remembrance in the public space and on the current impacts of colonial violence. She has published several articles dealing with the postcolonial landscapes of Paris and Hamburg and offers critical touristic guides on German colonial history.

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