Library history

The library was founded in 1984 by Dagmar Filter and Gisela Kamke on behalf of the Joint Commission for Women’s Studies and Women’s Research at Hamburg’s Universities. This makes it the oldest university women’s library in Germany! In 2024, we’ll celebrate the library’s 40th anniversary.

As the library’s collection has continued to grow over time, it has had to be relocated multiple times over the course of its history. The library was first stored at Allende-Platz 1 before moving to Binderstrasse 34, then to Rothenbaumchaussee 19. For a number of years now, it has been located at Monetastrasse 4.

Close-up of a modern building facade

From 1984 until early 2010, the library was managed by Gisela Kamke.
On 1 February 2010, she handed over the reins to Jana Reich, who has been the library’s director ever since. She is supported by two student assistants and usually also one intern.

Strictly speaking, our library is a one-person library (OPL)—a special academic library that is managed by just one person and has no direct supervisors in its supporting organisation. These days, most libraries are OPLs.