Library stock and classification system

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library stock is classified according to the following system:

  • A Labor / Business / Economics
  • B Education / Pedagogy / Higher Education
  • C Women’s Movements / Feminist Theories and Critiques
  • D Women’s Research / Studies
  • E (Gender-, Queer, Trans*gender-, Intersex-)*-Studies
  • F Interdisciplinary Theories and Approaches to Gender and Gender Relations
  • G Critical Studies on Men / Masculinity
  • H Culture / Media / Art
  • I History
  • J (free)
  • K Violence / Sexism / Racism / Homophobia
  • L Human Body / Psyche
  • M Life and Relationship Forms
  • N Women Worldwide
  • O Women’s Cultural History
  • P Politics
  • R Law
  • S National Socialism / Fascism / Second World War (1939–1945) / Holocaust, Shoah / Post-War Period
  • T Fiction

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