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FAQs on gender and diversity in studies and teaching at Hamburg’s universities
  • What courses are available on gender and diversity at Hamburg’s universities?
    Courses with a focus on gender or diversity are offered as part of many degree programs in almost all faculties at the universities in Hamburg. The ZGD brings together all of these courses with the aim of enhancing their visibility. See here for the course catalogs from previous semesters.
  • How can students register for courses?
    Students are normally unable to access the campus management systems of other universities. As a consequence, they cannot register for courses offered at these universities via the automated system and must instead send an email request to the course tutor to register.
  • How many students can enrol for the available courses?
    Students have no particular entitlement to be admitted to a specific course. Only the places that are available are allocated.
  • What are the study and examination requirements?
    Students must attend the course regularly and meet the study and examination requirements stipulated. At the end of the course, the course tutor will confirm that students have met the stipulations in the campus management system or by completing the performance record form.
  • Can students be awarded credits for participating in courses from the course catalog?
    Depending on the degree program, it may be possible to award credits for participation in a course and for students to count these towards their degree (e.g., as an interdisciplinary compulsory elective). Students can alternatively use the credits for the Certificate in Gender Studies or the Certificate in Intersectionality & Diversity.
  • What minimum requirements must be met to be awarded a certificate?
    Students must have successfully completed at least four courses from the course list (and obtained at least 9 ECTS credits). Courses can be completed at any time during a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • How long does it take to issue my certificate after completing a course? 
    The processing time of an application is about six weeks.

In case of further questions, do not hesitate to contact:
Dr. Michaela Koch
Office hours: Mondays, 4–5 pm (virtual, only upon prior arrangement via email)