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Conference: “Will you go out with me?” Inter*trans*nonbinary*queer perspectives on kinships and conflicts” (6–8 September 2021)

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Will you go out with me? Who are you anyway, who am I, what are we to each other? Are we going forward or backward—and is our destination a date, a demo, an exhibition, a conference? How many are we anyway? Whose footsteps are we following in and how are we getting there?

Walking, shuffling, and rolling together creates connections: in my self-exploration, in the exchange with fellow movers, in the view beyond the horizon, and in the development of togetherness. Rapports and community, joyful relationships and enriching solidarities stand out just as much as separation and confrontation, exhausting tension, and productive dispute. With Will you go with me?, we address conflicts and kinships that arise from inter*, trans*, non-binary, and queer perspectives. Our aim is to create a space for exchanges and negotiations, concord and conflict, killjoys and jinxter.

Click here to visit the conference website and here to view a report on the conference.

CUIR block seminar: Decolonizing Queer Theory (14–15 December 2020)

Ankündigung Blockseminar CUIR

Click here to read the interview with the two organizers of this seminar, Renata Guadagnin (Terceiro Andar) and Ana Mendes (Queering Academia).

Together with Terceiro Andar and Queering Academia, we invite you to a two-day event (14–15 December) comprising courses on postcolonial approaches to queer theory with guest speakers from Latin America! The subversive potential of queer and postcolonial thinking allows us to challenge ourselves to think about new political possibilities and innovative ways of organizing the world. Queer concepts, however, have a strong (and restrictive) connection to countries with advanced capitalism and to European science. For this reason, professors from all over Latin America are challenging this hegemony with the “Cuir theory”, which proposes a reconfiguration of the analytical perspectives of decolonial thought.
This course is intended for students interested in decolonialism, gender studies, and queer theory, and especially in Latin American perspectives. The meetings will take place online and synchronously via Zoom and will be conducted in English. Dates: 14–15 December.

See here for the times and details of the various events.