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Workshop Series: Multidisciplinary Introduction to Sexology

Why is sex still such a mystery? Sexuality is part of our general life, but still we just do not talk about it – especially not in university, in workshops and with strangers. While sex education is popular on Netflix and in series like „1.20“ („4 feet high“, ARTE Mediathek), sex ed in schools and universities remains a taboo. Do you want to find out about the wide variety of what sexuality really means? Do you want to talk about sexuality and get new vocabulary to do so? We will meet in a peer-to-peer context; accepting and careful, trying to create a safe space for all of us. We will meet once a week for four weeks, talking about the variety of sexual identities, of relationships and practices. We will talk about sex in work, difficulties in sex, violence; having a look in history and trying to be most as up to date as possible. Therefore, we will share studies and research, and we will create a lot of free space to share our ideas and thoughts and discuss all together what sexuality really is about.

The Workshop series „Multidisciplinary Introduction to Sexology“ aims to give students of all faculties and universities an introductory overview of the Sexual Sciences. Most of us did not really get a sexual education during our studies, so this workshop first presents itself as a sexual education course. In coherence with our study background, we built this workshop from a „psychological“ angle. However, various areas, from psychology to biology to education, are addressed to cover basic information about sexual health and sexual rights. We will do this by presenting sexology as a science. But no worries, it won’t be too technical, too theoretical, or too medical; everyone is welcome. The more diverse study backgrounds we count, the more interdisciplinary the course!

On language: The course will be predominantly in English. Please, do not worry about language barriers, we are both not English native speakers, but we will find bridges to communicate.

We will meet four times from 27. April to 18. May, every Wednesday afternoon 5-8 pm on zoom.

Topics the workshop will generally be addressing – further topics are strongly invited!:


  • What is sexology and how do we understand sexuality?
  • Sexual identity
  • Sex education, sexuality throughout the lifespan
  • Sexual practices, relationships models
  • Sexual diversity
  • Psychology of sexuality
  • Sexual dysfunction & therapy
  • Paraphilias and“perversions”
  • Contraception and STD
  • Sex workers
  • The modern history of sexuality and sexual crimes



The course intends to encourage questions about one’s own perspective on the most varied areas of sexuality and create awareness for the wide range of topics. Additionally, there will be a place for questions: for answering them and for finding new ones.

The workshop series is organized and conceptualized by Laura Gimmel and Lorenzo Scarpitti: We are students of Psychology who see the need to integrate sexuality into the general curriculum. The goal is to create a safe space to deal with sexuality-related topics, in a non-judgmental way, sharing experiences and opinions, respecting the group view.  So, let’s talk about sex in a participative space created for students by students.

If you have any further question, don’t hesitate to write us: