Project funding

The Center for Gender & Diversity affords modest material resources for fostering the topics of gender and diversity in studies, teaching, research, and the knowledge exchange. These resources are allocated by the Joint Commission.

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The Joint Commission and the ZGD are institutions of Hamburg’s universities. Their goals and tasks are to strengthen, raise awareness for, and link the myriad activities in the fields of gender, diversity, cultural diversity, and queer studies as well as women’s and gender studies. The Joint Commission is responsible for allocating ZGD’s funding to support the following strategic objectives:

  • studies and teaching
  • research cooperations and support for early career researchers
  • knowledge exchange
  • cooperation between Hamburg’s universities and transregional networking


Funding is available for projects that address one or more of the objectives listed above. Initiatives eligible for funding include:

  • teaching/learning projects and, where applicable, empirical student projects (incl. extra-curricular)
  • lectures, lecture series, workshops, excursions, or other event formats (performances, exhibitions, readings, etc.)
  • publications
  • preparatory work for research projects


As a rule, the following individuals are eligible for funding:

  • students at the participating Hamburg universities
  • teaching staff at the participating Hamburg universities
  • other staff at the participating Hamburg universities

Cooperations with external stakeholders/institutions are in principle possible.

The Joint Commission above all wishes to support students and early career researchers. Persons in these categories are therefore particularly encouraged to apply.

Project selection and funding decisions

The projects are evaluated and ranked according to the following criteria:

  • relevance to gender and diversity issues, consideration of intersectional entanglements
  • sustainability or relevance to practice, outreach/transfer
  • cooperation (e.g., across universities or with external partners) and participation
  • innovation
  • member group: application by students/early career researchers or another member of a university

The Joint Commission’s standing committee for project funding reviews the applications and submits a decision recommendation to the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission then decides on the allocation of funding.

Application deadlines

The Joint Commission reviews funding applications four times a year.
Applications must be submitted no later than four weeks before the Joint Commision’s next meeting. Please refer to the calendar on for the upcoming meeting dates. Applications must be submitted along with all of the necessary documents compiled in one single PDF file via email:

Projects with total funding of less than €250 are considered micro-projects. Fast-track applications are decided once a semester. The deadline for submitting fast-track applications is between the two meeting dates of the Joint Commission in each semester. Please refer to the ZGD Calendar of Events for the respective meeting dates and deadlines for fast-track applications.

Please complete the application form for project funding by the Joint Commission for Gender and Diversity to apply. Applications should be no longer than three A4 pages in length and also include a project plan and budget outline.
Applications can be written in German or English.

Funded projects are required to submit a final report to the Joint Commission.


Dr. Michaela Koch is gladly on hand to answer any questions (


Please note that the following documents are currently only available in German.