Teaching table summer term 23 published!

The teaching table Gender, Diversity and Intersectionality for the summer semester 23 is available for download here. Students can choose from almost 40 events from seven universities and have their participation recognized for one of the ZGD study certificates and, if applicable, also for their own study program. The registration period begins on 01.03, 12:00. All info on registration and certificates also in the teaching table or here. In addition to the regular teaching program, the ZGD also offers its own courses. In the coming semester they are: “Diversity & Intersectionality: Theoretical Perspectives and Analytical Concepts” (Robel Abay, compulsory module for the certificate Intersectionality), “Queer Temporalities” (Yannik Ehmer), “Human Rights and Beyond” (Guadalupe Rivera Garay and Gilberto Rescher) and “Queer Gender in Literature – Butch, Femme, Trans” (Jara Schmidt and Clara Schwarz). The descriptions and dates are available here.