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Jenseits der Geschlechtergrenzen: „Queer Paradigm & Mental Health: Possible Dialogues?“ mit Bruno de Araújo

This workshop aims to provoke queer people (of color) with an intriguing question, that is, what are the social costs of social differences? Bearing in mind that mental health is a problem requiring a grammar of social understanding, as well as collective solutions, how is the political economy of differences possible in the utopian scenario of a post-gender society? Drawing on social network analysis, this presentation proposes a decolonized and critical response not only to the idea of mental health itself, but also to the queer paradigm. Bring your queerness and hopefully enjoy this presentation!

This presentation will be given in English.

Die Ringvorlesung findet online statt. Anmeldungen erfolgen über Email.

The lecture series takes place online. Registrations are made via Email.