Podcast Hypatia’s Zine started and looking for interviewees

We are very pleased to announce a newly launched podcast Hypatia’s Zine initiated by women academics with backgrounds in mathematics and in climate research.

Hypatia’s Zine thrives on becoming a platform where women scientists

  • connect and share their personal stories and insider views
  • motivate and accompany each other along there scientific journey
  • learn about themselves and meet a better self.

Here we address issues that are of concern (not only) for women academics, such as gender, diversity, roles of families and mentors along our paths of life, etc. By providing an opportunity for sharing and connecting, Hypatia’s Zine wishes to draw attention towards gender and diversity in the academic world, to provoke thinking about how to achieve women’s empowerment individually, institutionally, systematically and holistically, and probably the most import, how to re-discover the strength and power in each one of us and head for a wonderful life.

In our first interview, Dr. Ilaria Flandoli, a mathematical physicist, shares with us her personal stories.

We are currently looking for interviewees.

Are U a PhD student, an experienced researcher, or someone who has decided for a differnt path after delving into the academic world? Have U ever been perturbed by incidents that arise due to your gender, skin color, country of origin, or other elements that make up who we are? Are U aware of these issues in your working environment? How do they affect U?

We Want to Hear Your Stories – Please Contact Us: hypatia.zine.podcast[at]gmail.com Find our poster here.