We – the Student Council for Philosophy at the University of Hamburg – are pleased to invite all those who are interested to our conference on 10 May 2024: „Young Minds: A Conference on Philosophy and Marginalized Identities“. This event will feature three distinguished keynote speakers, Jasmin Özel, Dr. Deborah Mühlebach, and Dr. Gen Eickers, along with presentations from eight outstanding students from across Germany and beyond.

Following our call for abstracts last winter, we received a multitude of highly qualified submissions, allowing us to curate an engaging and diverse program. We now hope to welcome as many participants as possible to the conference and kindly ask you to help spread the word within your network. Feel free to use the attached poster for promotion purposes.

Anyone can register by May 6th 2024 at

This conference is a passion project of the Student Council and is made possible by the Equal Opportunities Fund of the Faculty for Humanities at the University of Hamburg. It provides students, particularly those from underrepresented groups, with a platform to showcase their work, engage in dialogue, and facilitate their entry into academic careers.

For any questions or further information, please don’t hesitate to email Thank you for your support!